Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Krista grew up idolizing such pop culture icons as: Shaun Cassidy, John Schneider (Bo Duke), Robert Wagner (during his "Hart to Hart" phase), and Hutch (as opposed to Starsky). Interested in music from a young age, Krista wrote her first song "Way Down South Where the Elephants Shit Their Butts" at age 3 1/2. She graduated from The Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts at age 18 (not 19 1/2 as some records indicate.) Krista went on to attend way too many colleges and even spent a semester overseas in London. She graduated from Slippery Rock University with an English degree (after many semesters spent watching "Northern Exposure," "The X-Files," and "Forever Knight"). Krista additionally holds degrees from The Ohio State University, Southern Oregon University, and Portland State University (none of them in music).
Krista makes her home in Portland, Oregon and cultivates interests in David Duchovny's aging process, prison shanks, new salad fixings, National Public Radio, pug fold care, the Tarot, and outlandish British humour.

  Victor grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and fell in love with rock 'n roll at the young age of 6 when an older cousin put headphones on his ears and played KISS's "Destroyer" album (that was 1976, kids). The love grew deeper as the years rolled by, and he dug into heavy metal, punk, post-punk, alternative and indie. Victor spent most of his high school years learning to play everything Jimmy Page had written, including the "Death Wish II" soundtrack. Victor first learned to play the drums at age 8, following in his big brother's footsteps. By age 13, however, he realized that the guitar was to be his true passion. Any free time was committed to learning the guitar. Victor has been in several bands throughout his career, including Heavy Experience (1986), Nirvana (1987) (yeah, us kids in Cleveland had no idea there was another Nirvana), Edifice Wrecks (1988), The Salad Years (1992-1995), Tamerlane (1996-2002), Bullets&Bubblegum (1998-Present), Oyster Lucy (1999-2003), VAJ (2011-Present) and, of course, Jacked Up (2016-Present). Victor has been in Portland, Oregon since 2002 and enjoys making sauerkraut and watching Netflix in between musical adventures.

  This is a wombat. It is not a member of "Jacked Up" and it has nothing to do with the band. It lives in Australia and not in Portland. When it was young it was small, and then as it aged it grew larger. It spends it's time eating grasses, sedges, herbs, bark, and roots. It enjoys horseback riding, long walks on the beach, grunting, and pooping on the ground.